Announcing Reiki & Access BARS with Mary Jo McCarthy


Mary Jo McCarthy


Access BARS & Reiki Practitioner

“The Bars,” are 32 bars of energy that run through and around a person’s head. 

The BARS on one’s head connect to different aspects of one’s life.

The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas,

attitudes, decisions and beliefs that one has ever had about anything…

Mary Jo McCarthy has been a Reiki practitioner for ten years. In addition, she is trained in Access BARS, which is a hands-on practice that releases energy from 32 points located in and around your head. When these points are gently touched, they release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. A session can change your beliefs around control, joy, healing, relationships, money and much more, leaving you with space to receive the energy of YOU.  It also reduces anxiety and stress and leaves you feeling like you have had a wonderful head massage!  

Bars is wonderful for aiding clients along their personal path. By its very nature, it releases unwanted and unneeded energies in areas such as control, aging, body, money, joy, sadness, and more. 

Woman getting massaging treatment over white background (black and white image with the red inflammation area)

As that energy leaves the body, there is more space for energy of who you are.  It allows one to travel one’s own path with more ease. Possibilities open up, allowing the recipient to receive more from the universe.  Mary Jo often does  a bit of Reiki after a Bars session to infuse clients with life force energy. I find this to be a wonderful combination.

Mary Jo has stated: “[Her] desire, is to help clients with their own healing – letting them know that their healing is from within. I am just there to help it along. When I am doing either Reiki or running Bars, I feel as though I am one with the client which enables more healing to take place. I begin by talking with the client to get a feel for where he or she is right now, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”

Appointments with Mary Jo:  call 802-363-6330  or Contact Isis Center for Transformation, LLC   802-527-1600