Aragonite & Crystal Wisdom

Seek Wisdom from Aragonite


Aragonite grows in many colors and often in twinned crystal peaks.  Metaphysically, it provides for ease of centering oneself and especially helpful during periods of stress and anger.  It provides insight into the basis of problems, which one confronts on the physical plane and can stimulate communication on the higher planes. It builds patience and helps one to “maintain” comfortably during conditions requiring the acceptance of an abundance of responsibilities.  It enhances reliability and practicality.

Aragonite compliments meditation and can be held during meditation.  It helps one to maintain strict discipline within one’s activities.

Julie Charland will be using aragonite during her upcoming Guided Meditations  during April of 2016.


Want to increase your ability to perceive the knowledge a crystal has for you?

1. Meditate and or do yoga for one hour.

2. Lie face up with your favorite crystal to your third eye (Brow Chakra) and

3. ask if anything should be shown to me to assist in my understanding.

4. Open your mind for the answer, be aware of images, symbols, words, sounds



Submitted by Liz  Conforti of Peaceful Vibrations Reiki & Crystal Healing



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