As we Near the Return of the Light…


As we near the Winter Solstice on December 21st (which signifies the return of the light)

the energies will be encouraging us all to release what no longer serves us.

It is the ending of a years cycle,

and if you can remember what the theme of this years’ healing opportunities were for you (which began at the beginning of the year)

you can reflect back on what you’ve learned….

Remember to treat yourself like the Divine being that you are….enable yourself time to reflect each day.

Deep breathing can facilitate a more peaceful daily existence.

Sit quietly inside or outside, then begin to breathe rhythmically and deeply, expanding your belly with each breath.

You may want to think (or say out loud) a mantra for your day, such as “I am peaceful” or “I am balanced”.

Use any mantra that enables you to create the feeling you desire…..

May you create the most wonderful, loving Holiday experience possible!


Love and Blessings,