Be the I AM you incarnated to Be with Jean Salch

Be the I AM you incarnated to Be


 I AM with Jean Salch:

We will begin with a mediation to help prepare you for a deep release of all past lives, all dimensions of lives all past life persecutions that have caused you to block and lock down all your gifts as a result of fears.
We will also say a Mantra that will unbind you from reincarnating on Mother Earth if you choose too.
We will then open DNA and Command your RNA to open the channels of your gifts. This will also raise your vibration into your true sacred self.

Experience a journey with the Divine Masters.

 “This work is so important right now!!!  I have done some of this and feel so much freer.

Triggers have been released!!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!” Blessings, Julie Charland

 I AM with Jean Salch
Sunday, March 13, 10am – noon

Jean Salch Karuna Reiki Master, Teacher, Shaman & Channel   802-233-7877

 See Jean on Google+ and YouTube  Thursdays  at 10 am EST

 Register online or contact Center for Transformation, llc    802-527-1600