Crystal Healing to Increase the Energy of Love in Relationships

How to Use Rose Quartz & Herkimer Diamond for


Love & Communication Between Partners:


Rose Quartz:rq

  • Helps to re-instate the loving & gentle forces of self-love and self-nurturing
  • Brings calm & clarity to the emotions
  • Has calm & cooling energy
  • Can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of Love
  • Can provide each chakra with its proper frequency of energy vibration by attuning each chakra
  • Helps to lovingly heal emotional wounds


Attuning to Love with your partner:   Rose Quartz held with love and exchanged by partners, is a reminder of love for one another, but it works to also help each individual gain greater self-love.


Herkimer Diamond:her

  • Originally discovered in Herkimer, NY
  • Multi-faceted quartz with such amazing clarity, it’s called a diamond (they also occur in Oaxacca).
  • Helps to allow a person to “Be”, which allows our central being to have further recognition of the self.
  • Can be used to attune to another person, environment or activity

Continual Attunement between 2 People:

Herkimer Diamonds can accept and retain information to be retrieved at a later time.  Together, each person holds one Herkimer in their hand and places their intention for the other, the two as unit and the individual within the relationship into the stone with a meditation or silent moment filled with this intention.  Then both people exchange the stone.  This information can be tapped into individually and privately during meditation or silent moments when the two people are apart.

“Crystal Healing to Increase the Energy of Love in Relationships” by Liz Conforti (c)2016, Peaceful Vibrations Reiki & Crystal Healing

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