Crystals & Beauty

Crystals & Beauty


We hear a lot of mention as to the healing power of crystals lately.  Conversations regarding the healing energies generally revolve around their effects on one’s spirit and emotions.  Occasionally, we have discussion regarding the physical support crystals can directly give to us.  This article is intended to continue that conversation.

Even though mineral based make-up was used thousands of years ago, this type of make-up has been revived in the cosmetic spotlight for several years now and touted as the healthier, lighter way to wear make-up.  The ancients understood crystal healing, and used it everywhere, including as a means of increasing beauty.

Wearing Crystals:  As crystals and stones are worn consciously for healing purposes, their energies intermingle with the human electromagnetic field (one’s Aura).  As light responds to the stones, the color vibrations are reflected back into the aura.  The increase in color frequencies serve to dissipate and neutralize psychic & emotional stress.  I’ve included the following picture to help you find out what part of your body your earring ear lobe reflexology point controls:

earlobe reflexology points

You can infuse your body oils, shampoos and conditioners with crystals.  Choose stones with high hardness scale numbers, so they won’t break down in liquid.  Any of the crystals mentioned below would be of benefit to add in this manner.  (Rose and Amber infused Body Oil by Sweet Organics infused with quartz & herkimer, being charged atop a Flower of Life grid).


Rose Quartz delicately removes negativity and reinstates the gentle force of self-love.  It has calming and cooling energy and attunes each of our Chakras to its proper frequency of energy vibration. Rose quartz is rejuvenating to our physical body and emotions.  It clears fluids in the cells of the body, while simultaneously promoting release of impurities through those fluids. Used as an elixir it helps relieve sun burns, or add the stone directly to your sun tan lotion. The ancients used Rose Quartz to reduce wrinkles and create a soft complexion.

crystal facial rq

Herkimer Diamond is really a misnomer, as it is a multi-terminated and multi-faceted quartz point.  It is an attunement stone, placing one in tune with another person, environment or activity.  Herkimer’s are quite powerful stones.  They help to increase energy and vitality and are used in many ways.  Regarding beauty and the body, they help to release tensions and rigidities in body tissues, and facilitate healing in those tissues. They are said to rebuild cellular structure and dissipate radioactive rays and toxins from the skin.


Jade transmutes negativity.  It provides confidence, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, which all result in abundance.  Jade promotes the stabilization of muscular arrangement and soothes the tissues of the body.  It has been used in Asia in beauty treatments since ancient times.  It smooths and soothes the skin and stimulates hair health.


Here at The Center for Transformation, llc Crystal Facials with Debbie Bolam explore different areas of what I have touched on in this article, with the added benefit of being pampered to a wonderfully chakra balanced and relaxed state. Appointments: Call or text Debbie at 802-309-9102  or Center for Transformation 802-527-1600

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