Empaths Nurture Yourselves! Learn Skills, Tools, Meditations & More!

Are you an Empath?


Do you…

  • Have Trouble Staying Balanced in Large Crowds?

  • Feel the Emotions of Others when You (or Someone Else) Walks into a Room?

  • Sense Things You Don’t Understand?

  • Become Inexplicably Filled with Fear , Anxiety or Despair occasionally after Interaction with Others?

This Workshop will help you Understand How You Sense & Perceive

Feelings You Can’t Explain (& seemingly, have No Reason to Feel.)

Learn Skills & leave with Tools to support Your Understanding of these Feelings & Sensations.

Experience a knowledge filled journey bending in out of Guided Mediation Exercises.

Experience & Learn How to RECHARGE Your Emotional, Physical & Etheric Energy Systems when you Feel Depleted.

Learn How to Live a More Joyful Life with Your Senses.

Learn to Nurture Your Empath Self

Learn Better Awareness & Grounding Tools

Learn How to Remove Your Personal Responsibility when Feeling Everthing in the Room!

Dress Comfortably

Are You An Empath will be Co-Hosted with Julie Charland & Liz Conforti!

Saturday, July 23             11am – 1pm             $35

Register Online Today!

802-527-1600   infoisiscenter@gmail.com