Energetic Shifts Causing Symptoms in Our Bodies

The energies are quite something these days!!  

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Energetic shifts may be causing multiple symptoms in you, to rearrange and clear your auric fields.
This will enable your energy bodies to carry higher frequencies.   “Hot Flashes” which are a bit different than the hormonal ones may be experienced.  Little aches and pains that don’t seem to persist more than a day or two, leave and then reappear in another place are also common.  Ah, such is life right now!  
Currently, as of March 14, the base chakra is being activated and cleared, then March 15th is the second chakra, sacral, clearing day, March 16th is third chakra, (navel, solar plexus) clearing day and so on until you reach the crown.  
I suggest you spend about 10 minutes on each of these days, sitting in meditation while visualizing each chakra bright with its appropriate color as  clear and shiny!!

These are the main energy centers in your bodies currently being activated to clear!!  

March 14- Base Chakra – Red

March 15-second chakra (sacral)-orange

3/16-third chakra (an inch above the navel, solar plexus)-yellow

3/17-fourth chakra (heart)-green

3/18-fifth chakra (throat)-blue

3/19-sixth chakra (third eye) indigo blue

3/20-seventh chakra (crown) violet

Many blessings to you all during these wondrous times!!

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Blessings, Julie