Expansion Magical Spray Now Available!

Our community is so excited!  Julie has been working on this special magical spray just for us! 

Expansion Magical Spray

expansion magical spray

“Expansion Magical Spray is amazing to help expand awareness while in process. It is amazing because it helps draw out the awareness longer and then it brings me to a higher state.  Softly supporting my higher self while experiencing greater consciousness.  I use it in meditation and when I am working on art, or intensely creating.  It helps to expand visualization and connection.  It’s a really amazing and magical spray. I highly recommend it to all my artist friends and my friends who are into expanded consciousness.” – E.C.

Ignites the Auric Field Allowing for Opening to One’s Higher Consciousness.

How to use:  Spray once or twice over the head while eyes are closed and head tilted back to

Allow the spray to fall all around your energy field and face.

BREATHE IN….stay quiet and notice the physical changes!!!

*Please Note: the ingredients listed are not in the order of most to least concentrations. These all are blended with distilled water and highly concentrated. If you have allergy concerns, please email me! I may be able to adjust for your needs accordingly.

All Magical Sprays are charged in a crystal grid and infused with channeled healing energy.

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