Incorporating Mindfulness while Accomplishing New Year Goals

Happy New Year!!!  

The New Year, a time when most of us take inventories of the previous year and implement new ways of being for this one.   How exciting!!  
happy new year

Tips on How to Incorporate New Goals into our Daily Lives:

Most of us desire new ways and have new goals for ourselves at this time of year.   How about including just one, easy little change in your day that doesn’t consume your attention, or the need to purchase a tool to enable this change…??  Sound good?  

How about, everyday, at any time of day, going outside and consciously breathing the air?  Notice the sun, notice the clouds.  Notice the trees and how they sway…..just notice.  You don’t have to write or record your findings either.  Just NOTICE.  This is mindfulness.  

Your goal is to NOTICE.  That’s it!!!  Smell the air, feel the breeze on your face!!  This shouldn’t take much time at all!  You can do this first thing in the morning, or at lunchtime and if it’s really too cold, look out your window and sit in contemplation of what you see.  Make it feel like you’ve never seen it before!!!  Do it for a couple of minutes, and then notice how you feel…If you feel your mind wander, GENTLY bring it back to your view of what you see…..don’t judge what you see, like thinking “Jeez that tree’s limbs need pruning”, change that statement to an observational point, like “wow the tree has let some of its limbs get kinda crazy!!  That’s neat!!”  You are in non judgement when you observe….Try this…Notice how you feel and if it feels good, then do it more often as that is our purpose…….DO ONLY WHAT GIVES YOU JOY!!!!  With this mindfulness observation, you are creating space for more joy!!!!

Blessings, Julie

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