Introducing Reiki, Art, Meditation & Color Readings with Megan Tomestic

Megan Tomestic


Johrei Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Color Advisor


Megan, an artist since childhood, has furthered her studies in the fields of art and healing with an A.A. in Fine Art, a B.A. in Liberal Studies with Minors in Art and Psychology, and a M.A. in Health Arts and Sciences focused in Expressive Art.  She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and an Intuitive Color Advisor.  Drawing on her background in art, she has created a unique set of oracle cards that helps one to engage with creativity, intuition, and meditation.  She is thrilled to be combining her love of the arts and natural healing and is excited to bring this knowledge to others.  Megan offers services for Reiki and “Medtuitive” color readings.    

 Reiki Healing: $65  One Hour

A natural form of healing energy which involves the practitioner placing their hands on or over the fully clothed body of the client as universal life energy passes to them.  This is great for relaxation, stress reduction, removing of energy blocks, and much more. 

Medtuitive Color Readings:  $65  One Hour

Art Meditation is the practice of using art for calming and balancing, introspection, and intuitive guidance.  The session includes an art meditation, color analysis, and a color reading.



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