Mindfulness in Preparing for Shift & Transition Flowing into Autumn, Guided Meditation with Julie Charland

Mindfulness Preparing for

Shift & Transition Flowing into Autumn…

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Guided Meditation with Julie Charland

Sit with Julie to Create the Peace you Desire…

Guided Meditations to encourage relaxation, balance and to expand your inner relationship.

Beginners Welcome!! Wear comfortable clothing.

Feel comfortable to bring your mediation cushion & blanket; chairs will be provided.

Aromatherapy will be used to facilitate a healing environment.

Saturday, September 3

9am- 10am   $15

Join Julie Every Other Wednesday Evening for Guided Meditation from 7-8 pm:  September 7 & September 21


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Intuitive Healer & Energy Channel

Julie is an energy channel and radiates this Divine healing energy during this work: Healing and meditation together.  Utilizing many different modalities such as crystals, sound tools, shamanism, aromatherapies and many more, she opens to her Guidance to enable a healing session for you.  She gives you the “understandings” of your session, via tarot and her Guidance.