Regain Internal Peace, Balance and Harmony with this 30 Second Meditation

Here’s a quick way, in approximately 30 seconds,  to regain a peaceful state when you feel yourself starting to “rev” up!! 


Take a big deep breath, then blow it out the mouth!….do this 3 times!

Then begin deep, cyclic breaths with the mouth closed, inhaling thru the nostrils and out the nostrils.

Imagine that you are a very large strong tree, and that has a deep root system that is immovable underground….and you’re sinking into the deep Earth as you realize how strong and powerful you are!!!

Feel this deeply within…..

There! You are now relaxed and grounded and ready for whatever befalls you!!!!

The more you practice generating this feeling, you’ll be able to conjure it up anywhere, anytime, as you’ll desire the feeling of groundedness!

Blessed Be


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