Complimentary Relax & Unwind: Celebrate our New Location Grand Opening Jan. 22 – Jan. 24!

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We Invite our Community to

Celebrate our New Location Grand Opening!

Our Gift to You

January 22 – January 24, 2016

Complimentary Relax & Unwind

Open Your Spirit

with the  Center for Transformation, LLC

Activities all Weekend!

Complimentary Group Healings, Tarot Readings,

Zen Shiatsu Massage &  Channeling!

Complimentary Magical Spray Samples All Week! 

Enter Raffles to win Complimentary Registration for Guided Meditation


Friday Night   Jan. 22  5 – 8pm:

0  Complimentary Wind down Rejuvenate and Breathe with Julie Charland 

 o  Complimentary 10 minute Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield on your way home from work

Saturday Jan. 23   11am – 3pm:

o  Stop in for Complimentary 10 minute Free Tarot Reading with Norma Kirby

o  and stay for Complimentary  Group Healing with Julie Charland

Sunday 1/24 from 11 – 3:

o  Complimentary  Rejuvenate & Breathe with Julie Charland and

o  Complimentary 10 minutes with Channel Jean Salch!


Complimentary Magical Spray Samples and Raffles all weekend!

All Weekend Enter your Email to Win: 1 hour Complimentary Individual Healing Session with Julie Charland; 1 hour Copmlimentary Individual Tarot Reading Session with Norma Kirby; 4 Complimentary Registrations for                                    Guided Mediation with Julie Charland

All Services are Provided on a First Come First Served Basis

For More Information, Please Contact Us at  at 802-527-1600 or at