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steveSteve Lentini 

Motivational Speaker , Life Coach, Author & Presenter

Steve believes our thoughts, words and actions have tremendous power; How we use them, reactively or proactively, can literally change our lives measurably. We are not circumstances; we are the creators of our worlds. Steve will present information designed to help the process of “working on yourself” here.

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“Meeting Steve was a life-changing Event for me.”

“When we met in 2003, I had five years of sales experience and, while I had been successful, I needed someone to help guide me – and I’m so very lucky that person was Steve! I had so much more to learn!

The first thing that I learned in Steve’s training was that I had to Detach from the outcome. I had to work hard to do this, but once I did, it helped me to forget about the details, and helped me become true to myself. I had to be confident in saying no when something didn’t work for me (or the company I represented). This resulted in greater success overall because my customers felt this confidence in their dealings with me, and they trusted me.

Steve’s programs helped me to find ways to say what I was feeling – he really pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. The way I ask questions, the way I interact with people, this was influenced by Steve.

Steve’s program helped me to let go of the details, stop being the “general manager of the universe,”… instead, I would envision the success, work hard toward specific goals, and success would come!

Steve also helped me to be more present when interacting with my customers. I find that when I have a lot going on, a lot of distractions, I will find myself reminding myself of his words. Before every meeting, I will take time to think about what I want to accomplish, and envision the outcome.

Steve’s class also taught me that the universe rewards people who are generous and show gratitude. He is right!

There are many other things that he has taught me that influence my thoughts and actions everyday… I am so very grateful for Steve.”

Susan Diorio, Territory Account Manager

“Your coaching helped get me there.”

So I learned something from you a while back…open up my heart and good things will happen. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been saying, to anyone who will listen, that I want to make a difference to the world with my job. The example I cited was doing work with my men’s team, coaching, etc.

So two things happen. First, I get a call from the youth soccer administrator, asking if I’ll be the head coach for my daughter’s soccer team in the fall. Sure!

Second, I get a call from a friend who’s a VP at a local software company. She’s putting together a job for me there and wants to know if I’m interested!  Thanks,  Lee”


The Study of Abundance meets once per month

Beginning October 15th, the group will meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month, 12:00 – 2pm

A non-refundable $25 commitment deposit is required and each class costs $10. The classes meet once per month for 7 months.  The $10 class fee is applied to coaching, teaching, materials & phone call to support each participant (at a time to be determined by the group).

Steve Lentini:  Motivational Speaker, Author & Presenter

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