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Massage Therapies with Ryann Schofield

Ryann Schofield Massage Therapist Menu of Services: Cupping Therapy with Ryann Schofield:  A 3000 year old healing technique, considered an ancient alternative medicine – Cupping increases  movement and flexibility, aids in toxin release from the body, improves Qi flow to support overall health, and much more………………….$60  50 minute customized session    $25 add to additional body treatments with Ryann Schofield Himalayan Salt Stone Massage with Ryann Schofield:  The finest and first of its kind, Himalayan Salt Massage stones are great tools that will reduce tension, stress Continue reading →

Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield

Zen Shiatsu Massage  with Ryann Schofield, CMT Zen Shiatsu combines Shiatsu pressure point therapy with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Movement & Palpatation techniques, Hot Stones & ancient Chinese Cupping therapy to create a treatment that is effective, unique and designed specifically for your body & your needs.  Greatly effective for athletes, pregnant women, teenagers and the elderly.  Aiding with a wide range of issues including migraine relief, sciatica, carpal tunnel, labor preparation, postpartum, sports rehabilitation, surgery recuperation, restoring flexibility & mobility, pain management and more! Continue reading →

Treat Yourself to a Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield

Ryann Schofield Shiatsu & Massage Ryann Schofield graduated from the Wellness Institute in 2004. She has since practiced massage therapy professionally.  Over time she has taken her training and experience to create a signature treatment that not only works the muscles of the body but also heals the mind and spirit. Ryann has combined her skills from Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Hot Stones, Restorative Energy Work and Cupping to create a massage treatment that is therapeutic in pain management, healing, renewing Continue reading →

Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield

Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield Celebrate our Grand Opening & Allow Us to Help You Relax!   Stop By Friday Jan. 22 (5 – 8pm) & Enjoy a Complimentary 10 Minute Zen Shiatsu Treatment with Ryann Schofield!  Unlike Acupuncture and Acupressure, in Zen Shiatsu  not only individual points are stimulated on the body – but the whole body is often stimulated – along the connecting meridians (using finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques).   In addition, Shiatsu also includes a variety of Continue reading →

Complimentary Relax & Unwind: Celebrate our New Location Grand Opening Jan. 22 – Jan. 24!

We Invite our Community to Celebrate our New Location Grand Opening! Our Gift to You January 22 – January 24, 2016 Complimentary Relax & Unwind Open Your Spirit with the  Center for Transformation, LLC Activities all Weekend! Complimentary Group Healings, Tarot Readings, Zen Shiatsu Massage &  Channeling! Complimentary Magical Spray Samples All Week!  Enter Raffles to win Complimentary Registration for Guided Meditation   Friday Night   Jan. 22  5 – 8pm: 0  Complimentary Wind down Rejuvenate and Breathe with Julie Charland   o  Complimentary 10 minute Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield Continue reading →