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Stop By Saturday Jan. 23 (11am – 3pm) &

Enjoy a Complimentary 10 Minute Tarot Reading with Norma Kirby!

Norma Kirby has been practicing and studying all areas of divination and witchcraft for over 30 years.  First drawn to explore at a young age and reading everything she could find in the local library and books stores.  Through workshops that opened even more avenues of interests she was led to formalize her education.  Under the strict tutelage of Laurie Cabot, she completed all three degrees of Witchcraft as a science and became a High Priestess in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft in June of 2011.   Upon Completion, she continued her education studying with Christopher Penczak, completing his Transformational Tarot Class in 2012 and has continued to attend workshops and exploring many areas in addition to Witchcraft.  Most recently she studied with Kelly Ballard to increase her mediumship and spirit connections which included the use of physical and mental mediumship to deliver messages from the other side and opening up to phenomena from loved ones and from Spirit.  

Norma is Scheduling Individual Tarot Reading Appointments on Saturday, February 20

Candle Majick with Norma Kirby Workshop on Jan. 23, Register Here

Contact Isis Center for Transformation, LLC  for appointments with Norma Kirby      802-527-1600   info@isiscenter.net