Tarot Readings with B. – Now at the Center for Transformation!


Please Welcome Tarot Readings with B.

We are Delighted to Announce that B.

Has moved to the Center for Transformation!!

B.  is a conduit for spiritual messages and her approach to Tarot is highly intuitive. Her readings are designed to answer the client’s questions, about any area of life, such as career, relationships & finances; she uses Tarot cards as a divination tool. Utilizing the the cards for interpretation is her primary method, B. also has additional messages received through Empathic ability, Clairvoyance & Clairaudience.

The intent of providing insights, clarity & guidance is facilitation of spiritual development & emotional empowerment.  Healing is achieved through discovering life’s purpose & understanding the wisdom of life’s lessons.  Healing is a crucial step to living a more authentic & passion filled life!

B Now!  $60 per Hour

Appointments with B.  802-527-1600  infoisiscenter@gmail.com