Tuning IN, Crystal Healing & Guided Meditation

Tuning IN:  The ability to Neutralize the Mind &

Become So Still

The Inner Self can Perceive Your Truth

flower of life

When one tunes into a crystal, it becomes a mirror which will reflect the light within back into consciousness. 

Using crystals for healing & Consciousness Raising, crystals need only to be present.  As light is reflected through and off the crystals; Energy is created that neutralizes any negative vibrations & raises one’s overall frequency to Greater Harmony.  If someone still hasn’t reached conscious sensitivity to the presence of a crystal, the crystals will still have a healing effect on that individual.

Carrying and wearing crystals is a simple way to use their healing force. 

Crystals help one maintain mental clarity, emotional stability and physical balance.

Why Crystal Healing?

As light responds to the stones, their color vibrations are reflected back into the aura.  The increased color frequencies serve to dissipate and neutralize psychic and emotional stress.  Crystal Healing allows the mind to communicate on much more subtle levels.  The color vibration increases the strength of one’s Aura, crystals can help balance our Electromagnetic field.



During this week’s (Wednesday, April 6) Guided Mediation,

Julie Charland will bring out the Aragonite and Encourage Participants to Benefit from Crystal Healing!

Submitted by Liz  Conforti of Peaceful Vibrations Reiki & Crystal Healing


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