Violet Goddess Meditation with Julie Charland

Violet Goddess Meditation


with Julie Charland

The violet flame is a gift from the ascended master St. Germaine.  It is a sacred fire that exists in the higher dimensions.  It can heal emotional and physical problems & improve your relationships. The color violet is associated with spirituality and vision of the third eye.  To the ancients, this color was transcendental rather than physical.  The violet flame is an invaluable tool to clear karma and discordant energies within your energy system.  

vioelt flame


We are currently experiencing an increase in the Divine Feminine energy on Earth (Goddess energy)

that is causing some uncomfortable uprisings in our emotional field.  

These can be cleared with the Violet Flame.  




Goddess, Woman, Mother in each of Us:

Let us celebrate the Goddess this Mother’s Day Weekend!

Our own inner Divine woman is the Goddess…..

The Mother of All who nurtures us, if we allow it.

It is the Unconditional Love that we All seek to find in another,

but is truly within ourselves.

Saturday, May 7       11-noon        $15


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Julie Charland

Intuitive Healer & Energy Channel

Julie is an energy channel and radiates this Divine healing energy during this work: Healing and meditation together.  Utilizing many different modalities such as crystals, sound tools, shamanism, aromatherapies and many more, she opens to her Guidance to enable a healing session for you.  She gives you the “understandings” of your session, via tarot and her Guidance.