Wake Up & Jump into Your Life! with Steve Lentini

Wake Up & Jump into Your Life!

20 Strategies for a Life of Joy,

Happiness, Satisfaction & Abundance


​ ​What blocks have been holding You back?

Why comfort is what we seek. Learn how to embrace what is uncomfortable – it will bring You a New Future!

​Participants will experience a deepening of one’s waking life

The power of Presence & the Power of being present NOW…

Our only guarantee is always THIS moment.

Another name for this experience is “being mindful”, making life meaningful everywhere and with everyone…

Being Mindful or Awake brings awe and gratitude to each moment.

​Bring a Pen!

Saturday , April 16

Noon – 2:00

$50, includes Workbook 

Register Online Today!   or Call 802-527-1600 to Reserve Your Seat



Steve Lentini

Speaker, Author & Teacher

Steve Lentini, is a nationally known speaker, author and teacher, and is founder and owner of The Prosperity Institute.  He has spent 40 years in sales, sales management and sales training and is Director of the Prosperity Institute and Creator and Director of its Universal Sales Training Programs.  Steve believes our thoughts, words and actions have tremendous power; how we use them, reactively or proactively, can literally change our lives measurably. The Prosperity Institute has developed programs that help people discipline and exercise their mind, the most powerful tool that we have in creating life. We are not circumstances; we are the creators of our worlds. Steve will be presenting a number of upcoming workshops designed to help the process of “working on yourself” here at The Center for Transformation, llc.

Get in touch with Steve at The Prosperity Institute   or  917-805-1088