Ancient Essences

Ancient Essences


Ancient Essence oils have a  high vibrational frequency & are so  mystical that each person has a unique experience.  Some have experienced healing.  Most have at least experienced a great aid in the healing process, whether it be an emotional, physical, or spiritual ailment.  Our genetic code remembers frankincense and myrrh because it was used worldwide for thousands of years with many applications.  
This memory helps it to assimilate to our bodies today.


The history and research on Frankincense and Myrrh is extensive and spans over thousands of years. Empires were built from the sale of these two precious commodities that were worth their weight in gold many times. Recent satellite photos prove that Africa was where the first frankincense trail began – up the Nile river from eastern Ethiopia (present Somalia) to Egypt. From port to port they were traded around the world. Besides their high vibration spiritual qualities, they were our ancestor’s first make-up (the black eye-liner Egyptians wore is burnt frankincense – Kohl), perfume, deodorant, pest control, medicine, anti-aging skin preservers, and embalming agents. You’ll be amazed at the variety of uses.

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