Aromatherapy Blends, Our Own Magical Sprays

Center for Transformation Magical Sprays


These Aromatherapy Formulations were channeled by Julie Charland in 2012.  They were created to achieve Balance with the body and Auric Field.  The Sprays produce Physical Sensations.  They are Charged with Healing Energy and contain several Essential Oils.

Sacred Sage Clearing Spray: Clears the energy field and/or room and restores a balanced state.

Meditation Magical Spray:  Promotes an awareness of “looking within” state. You may feel a “cocooning” of loving energy to provide a state of inner awareness.

Expansion Magical Spray:  Ignites the Auric Field Allowing for Opening to One’s Higher Consciousness.

Love Magical Spray:  Opens, aligns and expands the heart center. You may feel a “swelling” in the heart area.

Chill Magical Spray:  Grounds and aligns your energy with Mother Earth. Promotes a relaxed state of being. You may feel your feet opening energetically.

Connect Magical Spray:   Opens, aligns and expands the head centers to connect with the unseen realms. You may feel your third eye and crown chakra expand.

Aromatherapy for Repelling Insects

Pet Spray:  Helps Deter Fleas, Mosquitos Ticks, Flies & Other Insect Pests. Lending Help and Support Against Insect Menace on Your Pet in a Natural Way.  Your Pet will Smell Better Too!

Bug Off!:  A great smelling, natural and safe way for humans, to discourage mosquitoes! Apply liberally and often on clothes and skin. You end up smelling just wonderful after a day in the garden!

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