Aura Insights Aura Photos with Ramona Saturday, March 25


“Ramona’s reading of your aura photo is very accurate!!!  I’ve had several aura photos done in the last few years and I’ve always been amazed!!!  We are very lucky to have Ramona come to St. Albans!!”  -Julie Charland

Aura Photographs with Ramona

Looking at your aura photo, you can tell what new energies are coming in for you, so that you can take advantage by making beneficial choices for your future.  Next, we can explore the vibration of your soul energy, this is the color that best exemplifies your personality traits and can offer insights into career and other important life choices.  We can also look as to what energy you are emitting, in other words, “How do people really see you?”  Other insights that we can glean from your photo may be such things as spirit guides and information on how you are communicating with others.

We live surrounded by color! Yet few see or can imagine the colors that are visible in your aura which is the energy field surrounding your physical body. Now, by having a photo of you and your aura taken, you can visibly see your personal colors on film!  $40
If you would like to see the difference in your aura after a brief Meditative Healing session with Julie Charland, Ramona can take your photo again.  The option of having 2 photos taken, one before and one after Meditative Healing is $85

 Saturday, March 25    

Please call   802-527-1600   to schedule your appointment!