Enjoy a Complimentary Sitting with Channel, Jean Salch

Celebrate our Grand Opening & Allow Us to Help You Relax!   Stop By Sunday Jan. 24 (11am – 3pm) & Enjoy a Complimentary 10 Minute Channel Session with Jean Salch!  Channels are able to turn down their own rational mind, ego, logical processor and personal belief system to allow spiritual/psychic/intuitive messages to flow through them, just as if they were a telephone wire. These messages usually come from a defined and known source.  Channels tend to be a conduit for complete forces. That means, they channel Continue reading →

Incorporating Mindfulness while Accomplishing New Year Goals

Happy New Year!!!   The New Year, a time when most of us take inventories of the previous year and implement new ways of being for this one.   How exciting!!   Tips on How to Incorporate New Goals into our Daily Lives: Most of us desire new ways and have new goals for ourselves at this time of year.   How about including just one, easy little change in your day that doesn’t consume your attention, or the need to purchase a tool to enable this Continue reading →

Complimentary Relax & Unwind: Celebrate our New Location Grand Opening Jan. 22 – Jan. 24!

We Invite our Community to Celebrate our New Location Grand Opening! Our Gift to You January 22 – January 24, 2016 Complimentary Relax & Unwind Open Your Spirit with the  Center for Transformation, LLC Activities all Weekend! Complimentary Group Healings, Tarot Readings, Zen Shiatsu Massage &  Channeling! Complimentary Magical Spray Samples All Week!  Enter Raffles to win Complimentary Registration for Guided Meditation   Friday Night   Jan. 22  5 – 8pm: 0  Complimentary Wind down Rejuvenate and Breathe with Julie Charland   o  Complimentary 10 minute Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield Continue reading →

Relax & Rejuvenate Group Healing

Relax & Rejuvenate with Julie Charland Feeling frazzled from all the holiday preparations? Feeling like you need a vacation? Come sit with Julie Charland, Intuitive Healer, for a Healing Session in a group setting designed to help you relax and rejuvenate, returning  you to your more natural balanced state! If you’ve never had a healing session before, or even if you have, now is the time to partake of these most wondrous energies that promote relaxation and transformation at a very reduced rate. Chairs will be provided. Continue reading →