Crystal Facial & Sound Healing with Debbie Bolam

Crystal Facial with Sound Healing

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We are very pleased to welcome Debbie Bolam to the Center for Transformation, llc.  Debbie creates Crystal Facials with Sound Healing.  By touching certain meridian points on the face, hands and feet – energy in the body becomes unblocked.  Clients will experience a personal journey leaving one feeling lighter and more energized.

Debbie uses Sound Balancing therapy with a Tuning Fork and Herkimer Diamond Crystal. During the crystal facial she evaluates the chakras to be open and vibrant, and then proceed with crystal and tuning fork on the face, continuing on to the hands and feet.  

While using a tuning fork, Reiki and Herkimer Diamond, lines on the face reduce and tension in the facial muscles change, the face appearance, skin tone and radiance change. During the session the face relaxes, the skin around the eyes tightens up; blood comes to the surface of the skin giving a glow to the face. 

One Hour Crystal Facial with Sound Healing $65


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Debbie Bolam

was crystal facial trained in 2014.  She also received her Gendai Reiki Ho, Level 1 & 2 training in early 2014.  She likes to make people feel good, and see that she can clear their Chakras.  Debbie is passionate about Yoga and has practiced it for the last 5 years.  

Appointments: Call or text Debbie at 802-309-9102  or Center for Transformation 802-527-1600