Dowsing 101 with Julie Charland

What is Dowsing?


Dowsing can answer a lot of your questions that you may have regarding your personal life.  You will receive a few charts that are used for dowsing for specific situations.   Historically, dowsing is a method to locate underground water sources. Throughout history, dowsing techniques with pendulums, Y-rods, L-rods and bobbers have been used to find metal, ores, gemstones, oil and lost articles. Dowsers also successfully locate ley lines (earth energies) and noxious energy zones.  Dowsing encompasses the use of intuition and psychic abilities to locate items or find solutions to problems.  Kinesiology is also a form of dowsing.

What to Expect:

Participants will Engage Practical Application of Dowsing and Solution Finding

How to use the Pendulum and Program for Simple “Yes” – “No” Responses

Tips on Enhancing Dowsing Ability & Accuracy

Saturday, May 14       10 -1         $45

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Bring Your Own Pendulum! 

If you need to purchase a Pendulum, please stop at Moonshadows Gifts for the Spirit in St. Albans.