January Events at The Center for Transformation, llc

 January Events at

The Center for Transformation, llc 

looks to help expand and understand one’s own inner wisdom and spiritual journey.  Isis Center for Transformation, LLC provides a place to gain and share knowledge, wisdom & healing; to gain awareness of one’s inner spiritual journey and to inspire one’s mind, body and spirit to be in balance.






One to One with Julie Charland

Saturdays in January 10:30 – 2:00

Julie is available for brief consultations on many Saturdays for Spiritual Advising, Channeling, Private Guided Meditation and More! Interested in checking out any of the services Julie offers?  This is a great opportunity to walk in and have 15 minutes with Julie, only $20! 



 Guided Meditation with Julie Charland

Saturday Mornings in January 9:30 – 10:30

Create the peace that you desire… Please come to deepen your meditation practice with Guided Meditations to encourage relaxation, balance and to expand your inner relationship. Please register online.


Stirring the Cauldron Goddess Series: White Buffalo Woman

Maureen Short of Lightheart Healing Arts 

Saturday, January 28,  1:00 – 5:00, $50

White Buffalo Woman is a Goddess of the Lakota Sioux. She came to teach them Balance, Love and Purity and taught powerful rituals. In this experiential workshop you\’ll dive deep into her energy, blessings and gifts through instruction and journeying to a drumbeat to meet with Her and receive wisdom, love and guidance for clarity and expansion of your spiritual evolution. We\’ll use sacred sound- drumming/rattling/chanting and singing to enhance our immersion into the Divine Feminine of this powerful Goddess!

The Study of Abundance with Steve Lentini

We help you get to the life you have imagined. People often look for purpose, but our purpose wants to find us!People often look for purpose, but our purpose wants to find us!Open New Doors & Re-Create from the Seat of Your Own Passion! Re-Vitalize Yourself with Energy & Excitement at the Awe of Living! $35 signup & 1st meeting, $10 each additional working group

Maureen Short of Lightheart Healing Arts & Flower Essences

Maureen Short is a Shamanic Reiki Master Healer who has been in private practice for 25 years.She is the directer of Lightheart Sanctuary, sacred space nestled in the forest of New Haven Vt where she heals and teaches. In her spiritual healing toolbox are many energy transformers- Reiki/Hands On Healing which treats body/mind/heart/soul/Chakras and Aura;Shamanic journeying , drumming and communication with our Spirit Allies;Sacred Sound including crystal singing bowls/tuning forks/drums/rattles/singing and chanting. Sound is a powerful and effective transformer; Flower Essence Therapy- a gift from the Devas and Fairies to bless and uplift and Crystal Magic- the use of crystals, gemstones and minerals.  In her workshops Maureen brings her open heart and  passion for transformation and healing. These experiences offer the possibility of positive shifts. This awareness and spiritual expansion transform limiting ways into a grounded peace and love for our everyday lives. This makes the world a better place!



Massage Therapies with Ryann Schofield

Ryann has combined her skills from Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Hot Stones, Restorative Energy Work and Cupping to create a massage treatment that is therapeutic in pain management, healing, renewing and restoring body mind and spirit.

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Restore Balance, Harmony & Peace of Mind 

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Carol Morelli

Holistic bodywork: A complete Thai Massage treats the whole body in four positions, supine, side-lying, prone and sitting . It is meditative for client and practitioner. Clients often feel longer, expanded, looser, deeply relaxed, refreshed and more aware of their body. 


Reiki & Crystal Healing with Liz Conforti

In Reiki, Laying of Hands is used to heal and revitalize Ki, with direct or no touch, whichever a recipient prefers.  Crystals each have their own unique vibration.  They awaken the cells within our bodies that are vibrating on a low frequency.  Utilizing Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids, clients can discover the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exist in any situation.

Meet All of our Healing Practitioners