Path Enlightenment & Spiritual Mentorship with Julie Charland

Path Enlightenment & Spiritual Mentorship

with Julie Charland

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Where are you on your path?

Do You have questions about the workings of Your Spiritual Journey?

Are You Confused & Need Clarification?

Do you have Barriers & Obstacles on Your Personal Search which need Illumination?

Do you have hurdles along on Your Path in Pursuit of Spiritual Knowledge?

Through channeled information, Julie Supports &

Enlightens Your Search for the Clarity You Seek…

$1 per minute, register online for an appointment

Beginners to advanced, all inquiries welcome

Beginning at 10  

Saturday, June 25

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Julie CharlandJulie Charland

Intuitive Healer & Energy Channel

Julie is an energy channel and radiates this Divine healing energy during this work: Healing and meditation together.  Utilizing many different modalities such as crystals, sound tools, shamanism, aromatherapies and many more, she opens to her Guidance to enable a healing session for you.  She gives you the “understandings” of your session, via tarot and her Guidance.