Stirring the Cauldron, The Goddess Series: White Buffalo Woman

Stirring the Cauldron, The Goddess Series:  White Buffalo Woman

Presented by Maureen Short

White Buffalo Woman is a Goddess of the Lakota Sioux. She came to teach them Balance, Love and Purity and taught powerful rituals. In this experiential workshop you will dive deep into her energy, blessings and gifts through instruction and journeying to a drumbeat to meet with Her and receive wisdom, love and guidance for clarity and expansion of your spiritual evolution. We will use sacred sound- drumming/rattling/chanting and singing to enhance our immersion into the Divine Feminine of this powerful Goddess! 

Saturday, January  28,   1:00 – 4:00 pm

Register Online $50

Maureen Short  

Lightheart Healing Arts & Flower Essences

Shamanic Reiki Master Healer 

Maureen Short is a Shamanic Reiki Master Healer who has been in private practice for 25 years.She is the directer of Lightheart Sanctuary, sacred space nestled in the forest of New Haven Vt where she heals and teaches. In her spiritual healing toolbox are many energy transformers- Reiki/Hands On Healing which treats body/mind/heart/soul/Chakras and Aura;Shamanic journeying , drumming and communication with our Spirit Allies;Sacred Sound including crystal singing bowls/tuning forks/drums/rattles/singing and chanting. Sound is a powerful and effective transformer; Flower Essence Therapy- a gift from the Devas and Fairies to bless and uplift and Crystal Magic- the use of crystals, gemstones and minerals.  In her workshops Maureen brings her open heart and  passion for transformation and healing. These experiences offer the possibility of positive shifts. This awareness and spiritual expansion transform limiting ways into a grounded peace and love for our everyday lives. This makes the world a better place!