Stirring the Cauldron with Maureen Short at The Center for Transformation, llc

Stirring the Cauldron with Maureen Short

Stirring The Cauldron: 

A metaphor for raising energy as we experientially explore the energy & medicine of various Goddesses

The Goddess Series:

A series of workshops exploring Goddesses from many cultures. White Buffalo Woman of The Lakota Sioux, Quan Yin Goddess of Loving Kindness & Compassion of the Chinese; Bridget- Celtic Triple Goddess; Sekhmet the Lion Goddess of  Egypt and more. We learn about them through instruction and experience them with shamanic journeys to a drumbeat, sharing, singing and chanting.

White Buffalo Woman:

Goddess of the Lakota Sioux. She came to teach them Balance, Love and Purity and taught powerful rituals. In this experiential workshop you\’ll dive deep into her energy, blessings and gifts through instruction and journeying to a drumbeat to meet with Her and receive wisdom, love and guidance for clarity and expansion of your spiritual evolution. We\’ll use sacred sound- drumming/rattling/chanting and singing to enhance our immersion into the Divine Feminine of this powerful Goddess!

Saturday, January 28,  1:00 – 5:00

 Register Online $50