Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ryann Schofield

Zen Shiatsu Massage 

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with Ryann Schofield, CMT

Zen Shiatsu combines Shiatsu pressure point therapy with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Movement & Palpatation techniques, Hot Stones & ancient Chinese Cupping therapy to create a treatment that is effective, unique and designed specifically for your body & your needs.  Greatly effective for athletes, pregnant women, teenagers and the elderly.  Aiding with a wide range of issues including migraine relief, sciatica, carpal tunnel, labor preparation, postpartum, sports rehabilitation, surgery recuperation, restoring flexibility & mobility, pain management and more!


Each session is uniquely adjusted to fit your body and your needs, creating a treatment that is designed just for you: Healing your mind, body and spirit.  Unlike Acupuncture and Acupressure, in Zen Shiatsu  not only individual points are stimulated on the body – but the whole body is often stimulated – along the connecting meridians (using finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques).   In addition, Shiatsu also includes a variety of mobilization movements.

Zen Shiatsu Full Body Rejuvenator

Limited Time Introductory Special 80 Minutes for $75

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